What makes a home Great?

What makes a great a home great is a combination of the property’s layout, design and location. These primary elements encompass what makes a home great and are also directly related to the homes value. When looking to buy one of the first decisions that should be made is whether the home is going to be a completed home full of the features valued by the buyer or is the home is going to need fixing up and further improvements later on down the line. These factors need to be considered when budgeting for the home, will determine if more should be spent now or later i.e. if the home already has all the desired feature more money can be invested because less money will be needed to fix the property up in the future. Vise versa, if the property needs alterations in the future (fixer-upper) less money should be allocated towards the initial investment so funds can be allocated to future modifications. Granted these are very general rules of thumb and there are many exceptions and variables depending on the individual budget.

Home Planning

Most people have a general idea of where they want to buy and how many rooms, baths, etc. the home should have but then again it is fairly rare for your dream home to be in the budget. Altering the value placed on the homes layout, design and location will allow the potential homebuyer to expand their choices. Once a little leverage is taken away from a certain element the potential buyer can see if they can find a property outside their parameters but more inside their budget could be a possibility.

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