What does 2012 hold for the San Diego Real Estate Marketing?

We don’t think we have to express how difficult forecasting where the 2012 San Diego Real estate market is headed. It is the general consensus that the outlook is not very bright with the recession still pushing on but we feel not all is grey and gloomy. Not to sound to corny but, a silver lining can be found for those who are looking.

In San Diego we have seen the continued rise of short sales and many families making the switch to renting versus buying. Although, San Diego is a one of the most unique real estate markets in the United States because of all it has to offer its residents. From an economic standpoint San Diego has an ever growing economy ripe for businesses and investors. The coastlines and weather make the location ideal for almost anyone and the amount of family friendly attractions, schools, zoo’s, parks and more make San Diego an extremely desirable place to live. These elements have been overshadowed by market trends in the past but overall San Diego looks like it may be headed up in 2012. If you are able to find the right agent who knows the local community you are interested in then we are sure you will be able to find the home you are looking for at the price.

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