Are San Diego Home Sales are on the Rise?

California is home to many beautiful cities but not all are experiencing the same trends in the house market. San Diego is one of only three real estate markets not just in California but also in the United States to show a monthly increase in home values. According to S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index, home sales in San Diego County rose by 5.7 percent in March compared to March of last year. San Diego County has a total of 3,237 homes sold last month, which generated an increase from 3.063 in March of 2011. (Information is from data collected by DataQuick.) The increase in home values is not only occurring in a yearly comparison but also a monthly. This year we saw in increase on .2% from January to February.

That being said, it is to early to say if the market is improving. March is typically the month when people interested in purchasing a home start to look and real estate agencies really start gearing up for next few months because it is typically their best part of the year. Our conclusion is we need to continue to see if sales continue to increase and if home prices can also increase.
San Diego Housing Market

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